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If you are a parent and you wear glasses or contacts, listen up!

If you are a parent and you wear glasses, listen up! You know the struggles that you face every day such as not being able to see the alarm clock or being limited on your ability to play various sports as a result of your vision. With the new technology in contact lenses, we can help your children so that they do not experience the same difficulties.

If your child is between the ages of 8-12 we can help slow the progression of nearsightedness with a child-friendly daily disposable contact lens. Taking things one step further, your child will smile from ear to ear when they can see clearly with freedom form glasses.

The inability to see things that are far away, otherwise known as nearsightedness (myopia), does not need to be a disability. You no longer need to worry about the detrimental affects of high myopia such as retina detachment, glaucoma, and cataracts. We can NOW stop the disease in its tracks with our technology.

Remember, not all doctors are certified to fit this contact lens. The certification process is elaborate with course work and an examination. The doctors at Caruso Eye Care are certified to fit this lens. We are confident that we will positively impact your lives with our technology. If your child has not had an annual eye exam, call Caruso Eye Care at 561-649-9898. Upon the completion of the eye examination, we will let you know if your child is a candidate for the CooperVision MiSight Myopia Control contact lenses.

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