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Digital Retina Imaging Machine

Dr. Caruso only uses the Latest Digital Imaging Technology when conducting exams!

At Caruso Eye Care, we have the ability to see the entire back part of the eye without the need for eye drops using advanced technology. The name of the machine that I am referring to is the Optomap.


This is the technology that helped our founder, Dr. Britney Caruso, find her potentially blinding eye disease. This photo takes no more than an minute and is as simple as 1, 2, 3! No drops, no pain, no discomfort. Upon the completion of the photo the entire eyeball is visible on the computer screen.

As a result of this image, we are able to find eye diseases such a diabetes, retina detachments, and glaucoma.


You can have perfect, 20/20 vision and still have the starts of eye disease. At Caruso Eye Care, we have the very best technology to give you the most thorough eye exam leaving you saying, “Wow! That was awesome!”

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