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What is the difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist?

The main difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist is that an ophthalmologist can do surgery and an optometrist cannot. Just as an optometrist is not trained in surgical procedures, an ophthalmologist’s specialty is not prescribing glasses and/or contact lenses.

Do I really need to get dilated? Can’t I just get that picture instead?

By law, every first time patient at any and all optometry offices must get dilated. The best eye exam includes both the dilation and digital images of the retina for complete documentation. However, on occasion, patients cannot get dilated on the day of the initial exam. We are lucky enough at Caruso Eye Care within Lake Worth Target Optical to have the ability to do Digital Retinal Imaging which takes a detailed picture of many of the most important structures in the back of the eye without the need for dilating drops.

But I like the most exclusive, name brand glasses. Do they sell them at the Target Optical next to Caruso Eye Care?

Lake Worth Target Optical offers name brand glasses such as Maui Jim, Dolce Gabana, Coach, Rayban, and Oakley. Part of the fun of going to the eye doctor is getting a new, fun look at affordable prices. Dr. Caruso enjoys having an office next to Lake Worth Target where patients can find the best eyewear.

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