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You've bought new clothes, shoes, backpacks, and supplies for school. But there's one more thing to do to make sure your child is prepared for the next school year: Schedule a Comprehensive Eye Exam!

Myopia (nearsightedness) is increasing at an alarming rate, especially among school- aged children.1 The condition is irreversible and worsens as the child grows.

Our practice now offers a new myopia management option: MiSight® 1 day contact lenses, the first and only FDA approved* product to slow the progression of myopia in children aged 8 to 12 at initiation of treatment.2†

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Dr. Caruso is Certified to fit all of the following lens and will help find the right lenses for you!

Soft Daily Contact Lenses
Do you wish you could glam up a night on the town without glasses? Daily disposable contacts provide some flexibility for those people who do not want to wear glasses all of the time with little or no risk of eye infection as the contact lenses are disposed of on a daily basis.

Soft Contact Lenses for Astigmatism
Have you ever been told that you cannot wear contacts because you have “astigmatism”? Dr. Caruso can count on one hand the number of cases of astigmatism that she was NOT able to put into contacts. With the advances in material and optics of contacts, patients with astigmatism are able to see clearer than they ever thought possible.

Bifocal & Monovision Contact Lenses
Are you tired of having to put on reading glasses to read a menu? As we get older, the reading vision slowly degrades in a natural process known as presbyopia. Reading glasses are used as a crutch for presbyopic eyes because the eye muscles become weaker and the crystal lens in the eye becomes less flexible. Bifocal/Monovision contact lenses can allow patients the ability to read and see far away without glasses. Reading a menu, driving, seeing price tags, text messaging, working on the computer are some of the everyday tasks made easier with the latest contact lenses.

Rigid Gas Permeable (Hard) Contacts
Rigid Gas Permeable contacts, by name, are contacts that do not change their shape as the eye blinks. The stability of the contact provides optimal vision and the material allows for the most oxygen to get to the front part of the eye. The customizable nature of this contact lens opens doors for people who have corneal irregularity due to surgery or injury that have been told, in the past, that they cannot wear contacts.

* U.S. Indications for Use: MiSight® 1 Day (omafilcon A) Soft (Hydrophilic) Contact Lenses for daily wear are indicated for the correction of myopic ametropia and for slowing the progression of myopia in children with non-diseased eyes, who at the initiation of treatment are 8-12 years of age and have a refraction of -0.75 to -4.00 diopters (spherical equivalent) with ≤ 0.75 diopters of astigmatism. The lens is to be discarded after each removal.

† Compared to a single vision 1 day lens over a 3 year period.
1.    Cooper, Y. (2019, May 1). With Childhood Myopia Rates on the Rise, the American Optometric Association Highlights the Importance of Early Intervention through Annual Eye Exams. Retrieved from
2.    Chamberlain P, et al. A 3-year randomized clinical trial of MiSight® lenses for myopia control. Optom Vis Sci. 2019; 96(8):556-567.

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