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Eye Exam Preparation

It is not like you are travelling to Antarctica so you may be wondering why we are talking about prepping for your eye exam. It is important that you know what to expect when you arrive at your doctor’s office and that you know what to bring with you for your eye examination. The details are important here. We are looking to make your live easier and simplify your eye exam experience.

If your eye doctor sends you online paperwork to fill out prior to your eye examination, I strongly recommend that you take the few minutes that it takes to complete these form. It is far easier and more comfortable to fill this information out in the privacy of your own home than it is to fill it out at the doctor’s office.

When filling out the paperwork, be sure to give as much information as possible about your insurance. There is no such a thing as too much information when it comes to insurances. If the doctor has all of your insurance information before you get to the office, this will save you time and, as my dad says, “Time is money.”

One of the most important things for you to think about prior to your eye exam is gathering all of your eyewear. I recommend bringing all of your contact lens boxes, the contacts themselves, your solution, and all of your glasses that you wear for various tasks with you for your eye exam visit. The doctor is not cheating when he or she looks at your current glasses. This knowledge helps give you information about how your prescription has changed. Many people don’t think to bring the contact lens solution with them to the eye exam visit. The reason why this is important is because, a simple change in solution can, sometimes, help the contact lenses feel better on the eye.

Hopefully this will help you prepare for your next eye exam. If you have not seen your eye care provider in the past year, be sure to schedule your eye exam at Caruso Eye Care by calling (561)649-9898.

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