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You have heard of a juice cleanse, but have you heard of an EYE cleanse?

Have you ever felt like you have something in your eye and you try to get it out and there is nothing there? Have you ever got out of bed and looked in the mirror and think, "OMG! How am I supposed to go to this board meeting today with terrible, red eyes?" D0 y0u ever notice pain radiating from your eyes to your head that feels like a throbbing headache? Do your eyes tear uncontrollably making you look like you are way oversensitive about everything? If so, you may need an EYE cleanse.

In my book, Beyond Carrots, I wrote an entire section related to these very symptoms called, "Dry Eye...They Oxymoron," I call dry eye the oxymoron because when your eyes are dry, you can experience a range of symptoms ranging from tearing and to redness and headaches. Many of my patients look at me like I have three eyes when I tell them that there eyes are tearing because they are dry. The eyes tear because the brain thinks the eye needs more fluid but over shoots and the tears run off the face.

At Caruso Eye Care, we spend quite a bit of time digging into your health history and daily habits to determine the root cause of your dry eye. We can, often times, help you make small changes in your life to reduce your discomfort naturally such as redirecting your fan or adjusting the position of your computer. These are the simplest solutions. God knows I like simple, that's why I am not married!

If the simple solutions do not do the trick, I will typically recommend an eye cleanse. I an eye cleanse, you use one drop of preservative free artificial tears every hour on the hour for two full days. I am really picky about my patients using preservative free artificial tears for this regimen. The preservatives in the other drops can irritate the eyes and cause more problems. The entire front service of the eye will regenerate over this time and before you know it, your eyes will feel as good as new!

After you are done with your eye cleanse, I would recommend keeping up with drops four times a day for a about a week, then drop one drop every week until you get to one drop per day. Keep up one to two drops per day indefinitely because lubricating your eyes is never a bad thing and you don't want to get to the point where you are tearing and uncomfortable again. Feel free to bounce up to more drops each day if your symptoms return.

Stay tuned for updates on my book, Beyond Carrots. Feel free to schedule an appointment using the following scheduling link or call (561) 649-9898 to determine if you have dry eyes.

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