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Eye Exams

At Caruso Eye Care, we prioritize your eye health using cutting-edge technology.

We're thrilled to introduce our comprehensive eye exam, now featuring the state-of-the-art iWellnessExam.


Traditional eye exams and retinal photography can't match the depth provided by iWellness technology. It allows our expert doctors to detect signs of diseases that may go unnoticed otherwise.

Why Choose the iWellness Exam?


Early Detection:

Many sight-threatening eye diseases show no early symptoms, but iWellness technology helps us spot them before they progress.

Advanced Diagnosis:

Our fast, easy, and comfortable iWellness Exam enables early detection of common eye diseases like Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, and Macular Degeneration.

Why is early detection so crucial?

Because it can significantly reduce your risk of vision loss. When eye diseases are caught in their early stages, treatment options are often more effective, and the progression of the disease can be slowed or even halted. This means that by undergoing regular iWellness exams, you're not only protecting your vision but also your overall quality of life.

Image by Egor Vikhrev
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