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What's Dirtier, Your Underwear or Your Contacts?

Pretty much everyone changes their underwear daily. Not everyone cleans their contacts daily. As an eye doctor who has see millions of eyes, I can see the eye of someone who sleeps in their contacts from a mile away.

Sleeping in your contacts can do damage to your eye that can last a lifetime. If you fail to remove your contacts before you it the sack and your eyes dry out over the evening, you could wake up with a contact lens that is literally stuck to your eyeball. Ouch! When you take off the contact lens it pulls the top layer of cells off of your eyeball and the eye may never heal properly.

Taking things one step further, sleeping in contacts provides a perfect place for all of the bacteria that you come across during the day to create a nest on your eyeball. The name for this nest is a corneal ulcer. No bueno. If this corneal ulcer is located in the center of the eye, you could be faced with altered vision for the rest of your life.

So, taking off your contacts every night is a must if you want to avoid the things that I just mentioned. Super simple, right! If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Britney Caruso at 561-649-9898 to set up an appointment!

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