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Wait! The Optometrist Can Do That?

I bet you had no idea how many things your local optometrist can do. Many people think that an optometrist inside a Target Optical is just there for prescribing glasses and contacts. When I tell you all of the things your eye doctor can do, you are going to be blown away.

As a side note, I am going to be talking only what you can expect from your optometrist in Florida. Different states have different laws and rules.

Prescribe Oral Medication:

Believe it or not, many optometrists in Florida are authorized to prescribe oral medication to treat a number of conditions from the meibomian gland disfunction that results in styes to infections in the skin in and around the eyeballs.

Minor Procedures to Treat Dry Eyes:

There are a number of minor medical procedures that can help treat dry eyes that an optometrist is able to perform. Some of these procedures include punctal occlusion and meibomian gland expression.

Manage and Treat Glaucoma:

Yes! The optometrist is fully licensed to manage and treat glaucoma! At very minimum, optometrists can help to detect glaucoma and refer to a glaucoma specialist for management. 50% of those people with glaucoma are undiagnosed so the detection of this disease is critically important.

Prescribe Eye Vitamins:

Eye vitamins have a powerful place in our optometric practice. More and more people are understanding the importance of these supplements. However, many people do not realize that optometrists can prescribe eye vitamins and measure their effectiveness through basic tests. Vitamins such as MacuHealth can improve night vision and Vitreous Health has been shown to reduce bothersome floaters by nearly 70%. Next time you are at your eye doctor, ask them about how eye vitamins may impact your eye conditions.

Foreign Body Removal:

Think that maybe you got something in your eye? Have no fear, Caruso Eye Care is here! We are totally capable of helping with removal of most foreign bodies from a simple piece of dust to a the tree branch that flew into your eye while mowing the lawn.

Your optometrist cannot do surgery on your eyes, poke your eyes with a needle, or laser any part of your eyeball. Besides, who wants to get a needle in your eye anyway?

Next time you are not sure of whether or not an optometrist can help you with your eye condition, just call Caruso Eye Care at 561-649-9898! You will be surprised at how many things your Target Optical eye doctor can do for you in addition to your annual eye exam. You can also book your appointment at

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