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Is it really a good idea to ditch the reading glasses?

You cannot watch your evening news without hearing about the newest, coolest thing in eye field, VUITY! I am getting one or two phone calls a week asking about this new miracle cure for the need for readers. My family and friends are asking for prescriptions as so many people would do anything to discard those pesky spectacles.

I may be old fashioned...ok, I am definitely old fashioned. You can just ask of my ex's! I always look for the natural cure for any medical or eye problem. Just because drug is FDA approved, it does not mean that it is necessarily good for you. All drugs have side effects. The side effects may be small, but they are there.

When people ask me about this magic drop that is supposed to eliminate the need for reading glasses, I have been telling them that I feel that it is best to put on your reading glasses and keep away from all drugs that are not absolutely necessary. This is my best medical advice right now. If you ask me about this drug in ten years, you may hear an entirely different answer. I doubt it though.

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