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Don’t You Wish You Could Keep Your Little One in a Safety Bubble?

I never fully understood the amount of worrying that goes into motherhood until I had my little munchkin. I cannot fall asleep until he is asleep. I jump when I hear my phone ring thinking that there could be something wrong with my son. I watch him every minute to make sure the little stinkerpot is not getting into trouble.

I am the product of a fairly overprotective mom and we all know the apple does not fall far from the tree. Even the most vigilant and worrisome mom cannot keep their child away from all danger at all times. All we can do is give our children the tools to learn, grow, and be safe.

We often underestimate the need clear eyesight to learn and grow in school. As crazy as it may seem, your child may not realize that their vision is poor. It is possible for your little one to be walking around in a fuzz and not know that they could be seeing clearer with glasses. This lack of clarity can impact learning dramatically. For this reason, annual complete eye exams with an eye doctor is very important.

Another aspect of vision care for children that often goes overlooked is the need for sun protection. Children actually have larger pupils than adults. The larger the pupils, the more light gets into the eyes. As much as we would love to put our children in an ultraviolet radiation free bubble, this is just not possible. Sunglasses are an absolute must for all children of all ages.

Although it may seem unrelated to eye health, I cannot discuss children and safety without mentioning child safety around water and the importance of ISR Survival Swimming Self-Rescue program. My son is doing ISR with Aqua Angels, LLC and his instructor is Allison Hult. Allison is absolutely, hands down, the best. She is caring, patient, and great with my little love of my life. She spends time educating me so that I can help him continue to fine tune his survival swim skills. If you live in the South Florida region and you have a child, I would recommend reaching out to her by text message (516)770-3771 to get your child enrolled in her swim classes immediately.

So, although we cannot keep our children in an imaginary bubble, we can get their eyes checked, get protective sun wear, and get them survival swim classes. If you have not set up your child’s annual eye exam, call Caruso Eye Care at 561-649-9898 to set up an appointment. At Caruso Eye Care, happiness is helping you and your child see!

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