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Cheers to the Amazing Women of Caruso Eye Care

On International Women’s Day, I want to acknowledge the strong women of Caruso Eye Care. From the optometric technicians to the doctors, Caruso Eye Care could not be luckier to have so many amazing women who care so much about every single patient.


Dr. Kara Hayes has been with the practice for over three years and is a true asset. Her drive for patient satisfaction and practice growth is evident in all of her actions. She is a true team player and will go out of her way to make sure that she shares her love with everyone. Her small gifts of appreciation speak volumes.


Alyssa Schnirel was the first of the bunch to be hired nearly three years ago. Alyssa is one of the kindest, most caring individuals that I know. She does her best to make sure that everyone around her is always happy. She is also one of the hardest workers that I know. I often call Alyssa my “Second brain” because she thinks of things for me. Thank God for Alyssa, I do not know what I would do without her.


The next strong woman to join the group is Jessica Brancati. Jessica drives growth in the practice. It is unlikely that Caruso Eye Care would be in the number one volume Target Optical in the nation without Jessica. She never says “No” and is full of love and laughter. Despite all of life’s challenges, Jessica puts her best foot forward at all times.


Next in line to join the Caruso Eye Care team is Marisol Reyes. Marisol is so very special and talented. She is the Caruso Eye Care technology wizard! She can figure out just about anything and does so in such a calm manner. Her patience is a dedication is truly amazing. Marisol cares so much about the practice and cares for it as if it was her own. I am so blessed to have her on my team.


Lastly, we have Niyerah Kane. What a doll! Niyerah has some of the best customer service skill of anyone I have ever met. Literally everyone who meets her comments on her warm and caring demeanor.  She is thorough and always take such pride an ownership in her work. Niyerah’s spirits lift up everyone around her.


Cheers to the amazing women of Caruso Eye Care on International Women’s Day!


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