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750+ Reviews


Years of Experience

Full Spectrum Contact Lens Fitting

Dr. Caruso is certified to fit all types of contact lenses and will prescribe the best ones for you.

Disease Detection & Prevention

Caruso Eye Care has the most advanced equipment to give you the most complete eye exam.

Eye Wellness & Eye Nutrition

Dr. Caruso is one of only three optometrists in the nation with a diplomate in anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Britney Caruso

Dr. Britney Caruso, who holds a Bachelor's in Biology/Pre-Med with cum laude honors from Boston College and a Doctorate of Optometry from the Illinois College of Optometry. Her journey took an extraordinary turn when she faced peripheral retina vasculitis, a condition that posed a threat to her vision. In a holistic approach, she explored dietary adjustments, nutrition, and lifestyle changes, which ultimately led to the resolution of her eye issues. Inspired by her own experience, she is committed to offering her patients the utmost care, utilizing her expertise to provide comprehensive and holistic optometric solutions.

The #1 Eye Care Team in Southern Florida

The Caruso Eye Care team comprises caring, highly skilled professionals who consider our patients an extension of their family. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and pleasant eye examinations in a comfortable environment. We are fluent in both English and Spanish, offering translation services when needed and accommodating individuals with disabilities. With the motto, "Happiness is helping you see," they are dedicated to enhancing your vision and overall eye health, eagerly meeting your eye care needs with personalized, compassionate care.

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